omnibook_cover_smallThe Complete Amy Armstrong (2018) 

The entire five-book story of Amy Armstrong across time and space! All five books in electronic format: The Girl Who Stole A Planet, Empire of the Space Cats, SpaceBook Awakens, Homecoming, The Last Amy. Extra material added that’s exclusive to this complete edition including cover art, easter eggs, Cat French vocabulary, and deleted scenes! Over a thousand pages of amazing characters and an epic story that crosses space and time.

Kindle eBook $7.99 — Available at Amazon now!

girlwhostoleaplanet_cover_lowThe Girl Who Stole A Planet (2016)

Amy Armstrong is having a perfectly normal life as a perfectly normal fourteen-year-old thief and proprietor of stolen goods in 1995 California, until a talking cat interrupts her latest break-in and transports her a thousand years into the future to a burglary operation that crosses space and time. She explores the inside of an asteroid belonging to a mysterious creature called The Lady, makes friends with the crew of intelligent cats and dogs, and meets a teenage boy from 1889. The search for a way home takes Amy through Victorian London, to an orbiting prison run by artificial lizards, and to the ultimate realization of who she really is.

Paperback $9.99 Kindle eBook $0.99

empire_kindle-cover 3Empire of the Space Cats (2016)

In Book Two of the Amy Armstrong series, Amy and her friends explore the inside of the strange spacecraft given to them by the mysterious Lady. Discovering damage to the ship, Amy travels to Tau Ceti Epsilon, the center of cat civilization in the year 3317.

Paperback $11.99 Kindle eBook $2.99



SpaceBook Awakens (2016)

Stranded in 1912 California without her friends or ship, Amy and her dimensional twin fight an army sent across time and space.

Paperback $9.99 Kindle eBook $2.99


homecoming_cover03_finalHomecoming (2018)

At last Amy returns to the year 1995 and Pacific Grove, California, where she is reunited with family and friends. After bouncing around the distant future and through Victorian London, will she be able to handle life on Earth as a “normal” teenager at boring old Pacific Grove Middle School?

Paperback $8.99 Kindle eBook $2.99



The Last Amy: The End of Amy Armstrong (2018)

With Pacific Grove High School a smoking pit of rubble and a trans-dimensional army in hot pursuit of Amy and Philip, the teenagers try to escape across the galaxy to the mysterious SpaceBook Prime, the center of all dimensional travel.

Paperback $9.99 Kindle eBook $2.99


amish_cover10b4The Amish Spaceman (2014) — FREE on iTunes!

The classic story of boy meets girl, although in this case the boy is Dean Cook, an unsuccessful motivational speaker desperately trying to cross the USA in three days for his speech at the National Motivational Speaker’s Conference, and the girl is a Kamchatkan runaway bride named after a clock radio. This unlikely pair of lovebirds are pursued by the girl’s murderous, sock-crazed Russian fiance and Dean’s parents, who see this as the last chance to throw their son a party that doesn’t end in complete catastrophe. Because, after all, it’s Dean’s birthday.

Paperback $9.99 Kindle ebook $.0.99

badge_itunes-lrg Smashwords

The Roman Spaceman (2014)

When the priest assigned to Dean’s wedding commits suicide by stabbing himself in the back with a pair of scissors twenty-four times, even the chirpiest of happy campers can see the storm clouds on the horizon. The ceremony is a disaster, and after a reception objectively described as “a cage match on PCP,” Dean’s Russian bride disappears. Armed with less wits than a stunted hedgehog and accompanied by his Uncle Phineas, an unhinged alcoholic who lists his occupation as “time traveller,” Dean follows a trail of clues to Europe. The twisting journey takes him through Iceland, Dresden, Rome, and the Vatican, with the expected ecumenical catastrophe.

Paperback $9.99 Kindle ebook $2.99

a-girl-called-badger_small_coverA Girl Called Badger

The virus left a gap-toothed, slobbering bite-mark on everything: the land, the survivors, the cities full of ghost-sickness and abandoned for three centuries. A young priest living in an enclave of still-functioning machinery is forced to leave when the girl he loves is afflicted with an unknown and deadly illness.

A shard of humanity thrives in the remains of an old research facility high in the Colorado mountains. Like the brutish tribes outside the sheltered valley, the high priest marks the young villagers during a coming-of-age ceremony. But unlike those tribes, the scars beneath each villager’s arm hides forgotten technology from the past. The true nature of the drug-filled ceremony and founding ancestors is fantastical myth to most “citizens,” who spend their days hunting outside the valley or cultivating corn and hemp.

One of the hunters, a tough and resourceful teenage girl nicknamed Badger, falls unconscious with momentary, uncontrollable seizures. Wilson, a bookish apprentice priest, searches the library and the old databases for a cause to the mysterious illness. Together he and Badger crawl through abandoned tunnels deep within the mountain. When the secrets of the past begin to unravel the young lovers must fight through hostile tribes and wild predators to the radiation-filled remains of Colorado Springs.

Paperback $11.99 Kindle ebook $0.99

dreamwidowThe Dream Widow (2013)

You saved the girl. Three hundred years after the bomb, that’s still a thing people do. And you did it.

Together you fought through wild animals, savage tribes, and hostile, technologically-advanced humans to find a cure for her seizures. You were bitten by giant lizards, shot by your own gun, and buried alive. You even made it back to the mountain refuge that’s supported your people for three centuries.

You met those long dead and those only dead in memory. You found friends and deadly enemies. What you didn’t count on was them finding you.

In the sequel to A Girl Called Badger, the machinery beneath the mountain refuge begins to fail. The villagers face the rapid destruction of a centuries-old way of life as a hostile army approaches from the east.

Paperback $10.99 Kindle ebook $2.99


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