IMG_0658Wanted on twelve systems for a crime he didn’t commit, the author grew up watching anything and everything sci-fi: Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Space: 1999, Star Wars, and The A-Team. Oh, and Airwolf. Author is elbowing me in the ribs painfully–I am to emphasize his love for Airwolf, and not screw it up by making it sarcastic or hipster-ironic like I always do. Author wishes he could fly a secret government helicopter with Ernest Borgnine behind him in the dickie seat? (That’s what he said, trust me.)

Author’s early years were spent running from wastelanders in the hills of southern Ohio. After college he turned away glittering job offers in tomcruisefood service and insurance and worked for the post office. He taught Bad English in China and Germany, became a Master of Teaching English Thing, joined an internet startup for the free lunches, learned about the science of fire (this can’t be a real thing), and worked on a 911 ambulance (he’s still working there, trust me). In author’s free time he stays one foot ahead of the federales and gives his assistant a raise of 20,000 kopecks and a car and Diner’s Club.

Author says to tell you his literary influences are Hemingway and Raymond Carver but I can see him through the basement window and he only reads garbage Star Trek fan-fic and that Alan Partridge biography over and over.

Listening to the beach
Walking on Phil Collins

Favorite Books
I’m Alan Partridge
Star Trek #23 – Ishmael (Spock goes back in time to the Gold Rush and you’ve stopped reading this already)
Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life: A Wee Handbook for the Perplexed

Best Movie I Was Allowed to Stay Up and Watch
Jessie Season Two

Favorite Documentary
Dumb & Dumber

What I’m Doing Now
Nothing what are you doing

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24 responses to “Bio

  1. Nice “About me” description you got there 🙂 Will look forward to your subsequent posts 🙂
    P.S. – Thanks for the like on my blog (

  2. i wish the author much success, The paragraph has the ability to morf into a page turner. Good luck, Also thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my current post. Please take care, and again good luck. Bill

  3. really glad to have come across your awesome blog… 🙂 last but not least: I did visit Amish country several years ago and I lived nearby NASA(Houston, TX) for 5 years!!! small world, eh?!… 🙂

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