The Complete Amy Armstrong — now available for preorder

omnibook_cover_smallPrepare yourself for the arrival of the entire five-book story of Amy Armstrong! On October 6, 2018, the entire five-book series will be available in one ebook. Extra material added that’s exclusive to this complete edition including cover art, easter eggs, Cat French vocabulary, and deleted scenes! Over a thousand pages of amazing characters and adventures through time and space.

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Included inside The Complete Amy Armstrong:

the-girl-who-stole-a-planetThe Girl Who Stole A Planet (Book One) — Amy Armstrong is having a perfectly normal life as a perfectly normal fourteen-year-old thief and proprietor of stolen goods in 1995 California, until a talking cat interrupts her latest break-in and transports her a thousand years into the future to a burglary operation that crosses space and time. She explores the inside of an asteroid belonging to a mysterious creature called The Lady, makes friends with the crew of intelligent cats and dogs, and meets a teenage boy from 1889. The search for a way home takes Amy through Victorian London, to an orbiting prison run by artificial lizards, and to the ultimate realization of who she really is.
empire_kindle-cover 3Empire of the Space Cats (Book Two) — Amy and her friends explore the inside of the strange spacecraft given to them by the mysterious Lady. Discovering damage to the ship, Amy travels to Tau Ceti Epsilon, the center of cat civilization in the year 3317.
small_coverSpaceBook Awakens (Book Three) — Stranded in 1912 California without her friends or ship, Amy and her dimensional twin fight an army sent across time and space to destroy them.


Homecoming (Book Four) — Amy returns to Earth and her family, but not everything is exactly the same. Will she and her boyfriend Philip be able to live as just normal teenagers again?

The Last Amy: The End of Amy Armstrong (Book Five) — An invading army from the future has turned Pacific Grove High School into a pile of smoking rubble, forcing Amy and Philip to desperately speed toward the center of the galaxy to find SpaceBook Prime, the hub for all trans-dimensional travel.


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