September 30th Book Updates

Updates on the books. As an added treat, Miles O’Keefe! (I’m kidding––It’s actually from my year in Quiz Bowl.)

A Girl Called Badger –– Cover in the final stages. Hint: Badger is on it. Should I do a collectible foil version for iBooks? An alternate cover with Jack Palance? Free gum? Book is still on track for publication in early December. That’s what my “people” tell me. And when I say  “people” I mean “hospital staff.”

Book Two (title TBD, but definitely not “Cave Dwellers”) –– Passed 25,000 words in the first draft. You know why it’s called a ‘draft’, right? Because you can feel the breeze through the gaping holes in the plot! Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

It’s still not too late to be a character in the book! I promise you won’t be shot in the first 1,000 words.