The Stick

Do things ever annoy you? I know they must, because you keep shoving messages under my door. Writing ProTip: crayon dilutes the impact of your thesis.


Burrs under my saddle (does not like):

1. Driving in heavy traffic while the radio plays sounds of cars honking in traffic

2. Driving in heavy traffic

3. Driving

4. People who shove notes under my door even though they KNOW the chain doesn’t reach that far and I have to use the stick to drag it over (Just TELL me what you need, friendly working person)

5. Chains

6. Sticks (apart from the stick)

What I like:
1. Coffee

2. Writing about things that are true but would shock the cheeseburger from your hand so I have to pretend it’s fiction

3. Coffee

4. Stick

I wrote 2,000 words today for Book Two. Now I’m up to 40,000 words, past the halfway point. Who knows, though. Oh, you want to know what it’s about? I really shouldn’t …  all right. There’s this evil ring, see, and if you wear it you go invisible, see, and it has to be taken to Mordor––shut up, it is not.