The Girl Who Stole A Planet Now Available!

Jeff Bezos agreed to publish my book, and he’s smarter and better-looking than the three point five people reading this post (per the Constitution, ducks are only half a people).

The first novel in the Amy Armstrong series is The Girl Who Stole A Planet. Time travel, space cats, and no vampires. Available now at Amazon and CreateSpace. Ebook is $2.99 and Paperback is $11.99. Book Two will be arriving September 1st, and Book Three October 1st.


The Girl Who Stole A Planet (2016)

Amy Armstrong is having a perfectly normal life as a perfectly normal fourteen-year-old thief and proprietor of stolen goods in 1995 California, until a talking cat interrupts her latest break-in and transports her a thousand years into the future to a burglary operation that crosses space and time. She explores the inside of an asteroid belonging to a mysterious creature called The Lady, makes friends with the crew of intelligent cats and dogs, and meets a teenage boy from 1889. The search for a way home takes Amy through Victorian London, to an orbiting prison run by artificial lizards, and to the ultimate realization of who she really is.