The Roman Spaceman Launch!

The Roman Spaceman is now available at Amazon and on all Kindle-supported devices for $2.99. Purchase now and receive the Extra Special Limited Edition cover! (Next month the cover will change to the Normal Special Limited Edition.)

roman_spaceman01When the priest assigned to Dean’s wedding commits suicide by stabbing himself in the back with a pair of scissors twenty-four times, even the chirpiest of happy campers can see the storm clouds on the horizon. The ceremony is a disaster, and after a reception objectively described as “a cage match on PCP,” Dean’s Russian bride disappears. Armed with less wits than a stunted hedgehog and accompanied by his Uncle Phineas, an unhinged alcoholic who lists his occupation as “time traveller,” Dean follows a trail of clues to Europe. The twisting journey takes him through Iceland, Dresden, Rome, and the Vatican, with the expected ecumenical catastrophe.

Notable characters (not in order of appearance):

Dean Cook
Angelika “Emerson” Ivanova
A priest in a penguin costume
An uncle with delusions of time travel
A cranky Japanese strip club owner
A half-Japanese, half-Iranian dancer
Tony Montana