Best Posts of the Year 100% Exclusive Limited Edition Diamond Executive Washroom Version

2014 was a year of amazement, horror, and disgust, and I’m only talking about what I found under my kitchen sink. Let us pray that the coming year holds no such surprises for anyone, mainly because I’m the one who has to clean it up.

I wrote two books and released two books on Amazon in 2014, but on a sad note, two of my favorite comedians passed away this year: Rik Mayall and Robin Williams.

Below are the posts of the year, in order of awesomeness:

6. Dating A Writer

Exhaustive online research was required for this post, because Mother doesn’t allow strange girls in the house.IMG_1064

5. Write Harder, Last Longer

I actually wrote this back in 2013 and saved it for a very special occasion, which happened to be not getting punched by that waiter at Denny’s even though I deserved it.


4. Ten Careers To Consider If You’ve Gone Mad And Decided To Become A Writer

As opined by truck drivers and amateur plumbers the world over: “The truth hurts, don’t it?”


3. Why Is England?

My vision of Old Blighty as a land of chocolate and candy canes were not confirmed upon arrival, but I was almost killed by a cyclist while crossing the street, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.


2. Author Simulator 2014

If you’ve ever wanted to play a video game about the writing process that’s not called Alan Wake, this is a game right up your alley. That’s a euphemism, kids.


1. Sexy Amish Women

The most popular page on my site by a huge margin, and one that I return to for at least fifteen minutes every day (diary permitting).


0. Best Meme of 2014 Even Tho It Was A Meme Before 2014

In a war between StareBabby and Starecat, StareBabby always wins.