Favorite Quote from the Book

tomcruiseAn imaginary child I passed in the street today asked me what was my favorite line in “The Amish Spaceman.” It’s difficult to separate out specific lines, much in the same way that it’s difficult to separate television-reality from reality-reality, but I’ve included one of my favorites below. If you’ve got a better line from the book, leave it in the comments!

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Quote from Chapter Three of “The Amish Spaceman”:

He’d been struck dumb only twice in his life––once when an Italian girl removed her shirt at a pool party and secondly, upon viewing Trisha Yar in the flesh at a Star Trek convention. For a motivational speaker with a mind like a steel mousetrap like Dean, love at first sight did not exist, was a fabrication before or after the fact by over-romantic high school boys and under-appreciated housewives. Upon seeing this young woman, Dean realized he’d been wrong, as wrong as he’d been about the positive effect of an ice cream bath or the need to check the expiration date on Spam. Dean saw no whizzing traffic or blue sky, felt no rumble in his stomach or pull of gravity. If someone held a shotgun packed with rose petals and Novocaine to his forehead and pulled the trigger, the effect would have been exactly the same.

“Holy action figure,” he murmured.





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