I Love Brazil

I think Brazil is super-great even though I’ve never been there and the people are super-cool even though I’ve never met any. Well, there was that one time I showed up early for a Capoeira class and the instructor made me take off my pants. And underwear. And not tell anyone what happened ever.

I mainly like Brazil because it’s the source of half my website traffic. Does “Amish Spaceman” mean something special in Portuguese? It’s either that or they really like photos of farm girls.











4 responses to “I Love Brazil

  1. I’m laughing so hard from the first paragraph I can’t open it!!

    Keep them coming. Super entertaing and a nice way to kick off my night.

  2. I still vividly recall my senior year in high school, when my on-again, off-again girlfriend came back from visiting her sister in New York City and told me. “I got a Brazilian.” I wasn’t sure whether I should be jealous or not. Turns out: not.

    I still think of her when I think of Shakespeare: “Oh, brave new world….”

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